The Village Theatre is a not-for-profit community organisation, run for the benefit of residents and visitors. We show movies and provide a central venue for live entertainment of all kinds. These include touring theatre groups, music concerts, local music and drama productions and private functions. 

We are a self-supporting business, but would not be here today if it were not for people in the community showing strong support when times were tough. Even today, we find it difficult to upgrade our infrastructure without the help of grants and community support.

One of the ways in which you can support us is to become a member. Your membership helps to tide us over the long Golden Bay winter and helps to ensure the continued existence of the major Golden Bay entertainment venue. 

From March 2023 we will initiate our new Membership Scheme making it even more worthwhile to become a Member and take advantage of the Member Benefits. The annual cost will be a flat rate of $50. We appreciate that many of you have been happy to consider your Membership as a donation, which we welcome, but by offering these new incentives we would like to show our appreciation for your ongoing support with some added bonuses.

Firstly as a Member it will now be cheaper for your admission ticket, at $13. We are also granting Members two free tickets to use whenever you choose throughout the year. Also, two or three times a year we will continue to hold our Members Nights, where you can enjoy a drink and nibbles, and watch a film chosen for members at no charge. In addition, you will be updated regularly with film information and special events.




From March 2023 we will be offering online Membership sign up, so from now on you will have a year Membership from the exact date you join. 

Your new Plastic Membership Card will be available for you to pick up from the Theatre once you have signed up and will be activated by bar code scanner whenever you come to watch a film. Keep the card safe as you will need it should you wish to renew it each year.

This card will also contain your two free screenings.


Your card will be ready to pick up in the lobby following online payment. 

You will still be able to obtain a Membership over the counter in the Lobby, but you will need to fill in a form with your name address and email address so we can assign your new card.

Please try and avoid busy times in the Lobby if you join this way.


For any quieries contact:

Thank you for your support. :)