(L to R) Rob Dawson (Film Builder), Alanah Pearson (Lobby Supervisor), Fiona Mountfort (Manager), Jed Bright (Lobby Supervisor & Film Builder) & Karen Dransfield (Lobby Supervisor/Marketing & Promotions & Film Builder).




The Village Theatre is the "best little cinema in the Galaxy" situated in the heart of Takaka, Golden Bay. Since its inception in 1987, Takaka’s iconic Village Theatre has put on a great show for Golden Bay movie-goers. Founded on generous donations of time, money and plain hard yakka, our rural cinema has not only survived but, in the hands of a charitable trust, has flourished into a star of the Bay’s quirky cultural scene. And we do much more than just screen films- we double up as a playhouse, concert hall and meeting place.

In summer, the little venue packs out with visitors from all over the world taking in the biggest blockbusters, while on cold winter nights it warms the locals with varied programme of the latest releases, classic cinema  and live theatre. No matter the season, the special experience is loved by all who treasure the mix of traditional cinema seating, comfy sofas & armchairs. 

We also keep tradition alive by having an Intermission, as a unique counterpoint to the urban multiplex.

And yet our cosy theatre is no relic of the past. Over the years, thanks to the efforts of our community, the blend of high tech and whimsy has been refined to embrace cinematic digital wizardry while keeping the venue’s off-beat vibe alive. So come and enjoy our state of the art surround system and relax in temperature controlled comfort all year round. :)